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We connect people and technology
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In an era where global challenges shape the landscape of training, hiring, development, and retention of professionals in digital careers, THE Tech emerged in 2019 with a clear purpose: to be an edtech that generates a positive impact on individuals and organizations through knowledge, nurturing well-rounded professionals for the technology sector.

THE Tech Academy offers comprehensive learning paths encompassing both technical expertise and essential soft skills, preparing professionals for the rapidly evolving technology sphere. Our distinctive approach integrates specialized content tailored for the technology and digital realms with crucial soft skills necessary for personal and professional growth. This holistic training equips professionals to tackle the market's challenges effectively.

Strategic Partnership with the IMPACT

Our partnership with IMPACTA, an institution renowned for its extensive experience and efficient methodology, guarantees the success of the learning process. Collaboratively, we provide top-notch, pertinent training for the technology sector, ensuring high quality and relevance in our programs.

Our services

In Company Course:

We develop personalized training programs for companies, aligned with the specific needs of each business, training teams to face technological challenges.


Programs with Social Impact:

In collaboration with companies, institutes, and foundations, we provide training for professionals from underrepresented groups, creating career pathways and fostering inclusion in the job market.

At THE Tech, we place our belief in the transformative power of technology for both lives and businesses. Join us on this enlightening journey of knowledge and uncover how our holistic training can propel your digital future forward. Let's co-create the future together!

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