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We find the ideal professionals to enhance your business's performance.
Cópia de Grupo THE - Apresentação Institucional.pptx.png
Delivering high-performance searches that extend far beyond creating a quality shortlist, directly impacting businesses.

At THE Consulting, we acknowledge the vital role that selecting professionals aligned with each position's challenges plays in an organization's success. It's crucial to find candidates who seamlessly integrate into the organizational culture, possess essential expertise, and wield the skills necessary to drive results. This approach is key to fostering sustainable growth and achieving organizational success.

our mission

We defy traditional recruitment norms by centering our projects around the THE methodology, built on the pillars of Business Understanding, Achievements, and Cultural Fit. Our mission revolves around providing solutions that ensure high performance for our clients through precise and effective hiring

our solutions

With a team of experts in the THE methodology, our portfolio offers solutions in Board Services, Executive Search, Executive Onboarding, Talent Pipeline, Structure Study and Market Mapping.

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At The Consulting, we're prepared o elevate both you and your company's success. Get in touch with us now to discover how we can transform your recruitment and talent development journey.

Cópia de Grupo THE - Apresentação Institucional.pptx.png
Solutions for your Company:
Board services

In the current scenario, in which structures, strategies and business leadership are undergoing constant remodeling, the Board's actions are of vital importance for the realization of strategies and the implementation of ideal governance models. We work on structuring Boards, including selecting and evaluating the performance of Board Members. 

Executive search

Recruiting executives is a major challenge in any organization, as the timing and way of carrying out strategic plans and taking the business to the next stage are closely linked to these professionals.

Our methodology has supported companies from the most varied sectors to increase their results through assertive and permanent hiring with strong alignment between:  strategy, business moment, governance and culture. We will present candidates capable of acting on specific business challenges, the result of a fully personalized and targeted search, which results in an in-depth market diagnosis. 

Recruitment skilled

We recognize the significance of building teams that precisely cater to the distinct requirements of each project and position within companies. It's more than simply locating the ideal executive; it's also about assisting them in assembling a team that perfectly aligns with the current challenges. Irrespective of level or position, our commitment lies in comprehending the organization's needs and identifying the perfect individuals for each role. Our solutions are agile, personalized, and tailored for specialized projects. We have a dedicated team ensuring that every hire directly contributes to the company's success.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

Diversity and Inclusion stand as fundamental factors in today's business landscape, serving not only as ethical principles but as essential pillars for organizational success.

At THE Consulting, we deeply grasp the significance of diversity in crafting innovative and prosperous teams. Our service isn't just about identifying and selecting highly qualified professionals; it's also about ensuring that these selections mirror the richness of diversity, embracing various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Our dedication lies in assisting clients to expand diversity and inclusion within their businesses, fostering healthier, more appealing, and sustainable workplaces.

Be part of THE Consulting’s talent pool

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